Shutter Outlet is known for manufacturing the best quality storm and security shutters.   We build the shutters locally and have fully-trained installers. We put our shutters through a rigorous inspection to ensure you receive the best quality products.

Each shutter is built to order and the measurements of the individual shutter blades are checked several times for accuracy.

Our assembly department counts the blades to fit each order, and then assembles them by alternating the blades on their hinges. This alternating pattern is what gives the accordion style shutters their appearance and name.  Roll-up shutters are also made from individual blades but joined together so the blades rollup into the shutter housing.

Our wall tracks are lined with thick felt to minimize the noise from metal-to-metal contact. For your floor, we provide rounded walk-over tracks so you don’t hurt yourself.

We secure the blades with screws on both sides. Many of our shutters also feature a lock for extra security. Then, we inspect the shutters and prepare them for delivery.

For our Gladiator Shutter, we cut the Kevlar screen to size. We stitch it to fit each order and attach them to the shutter housing. We manufacture both the track and housing for the Gladiator Shutter on-site.  We then attach the motor and test the unit for quality.

At Shutter Outlet, our products are tested to meet the wind and exceed state requirements. We stand by every product we sell and are committed to producing the strongest hurricane and security shutters. Plus, any repairs and adjustments are just a quick phone call away.

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