Susie: “At first, after installation, there was a little issue with a wrinkle on the screen. But all we had to do was call Shutter Outlet. They sent out a technician, he fixed it and we were 100% satisfied”.

Rick: “We just have to go down if there’s any issue, talk to the people, or call them, and we know that we’ll get a response”.

Julie: “We went to their office down in Melbourne, and they took us through a showed us shutters, and we saw their showroom, and we looked at various types of shutters that they had. Really studied them. Most of those companies come to you, but you do not get to see where they actually make them. Which tells me that they probably don’t manufacture them – they buy them from somebody else. Shutter Outlet actually manufactures what they sell”.

Clem: “We do have a maintenance plan for system of shutters, and they come out, and they oil everything, they make sure everything is working right, and clean them all up and everything too. They spray them all down, so they look like brand-new after they get done. So, they do a great job on the maintenance, it’s only once a year but its’ well worth it cause then we don’t have to worry about them again”.

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