Accordions have a unique, interlocking folding blade system, designed to cover large spans and fold away for an unobstructed view. The accordion shutter provides maximum storm protection. Shutter Outlets accordion shutters have a key-lock feature to also meet your security needs.

A great Benefit of the Accordion shutter is that it provides a simple but highly effective means of storm protection.

The Accordion shutter system consists of folding interlocking slats called Accordion Blades. These blades are connected to each other vertically, and to the system at the top by a set of nylon non-corrosive wheels. These wheels allow the folding blades to travel effortlessly across in a top track which spans the top of the opening; blades are also guided by a nylon guide at the bottom of each blade with a bottom track. Operated by hand and providing instant protection for your opening.

Shutter Outlet carries the Regency Shutters System brand of accordion shutters. The Regency Shutters System are the best value of any accordion shutter available. These shutters incorporate many innovative design features that assure you they are industrial grade strong and will last for years and years. The Regency Shutters System are treated with Chromium Phosphate to resist corrosion and increase longevity.

In addition, because of the unique blade design, the Regency Shutters Systems tack tighter than any other shutter in the industry. The tighter the stack, the more view you will have in your balcony or counter top. But perhaps the best feature of the Regency Shutters System is their offset hinge design. This eliminates corrosion between dissimilar metals and allows lubrication during routine maintenance. No more blades splitting due to corrosion.

Regency Shutters System meet the Dade County Building Codes (the highest standard in the nation), the Florida Building Codes, and the High Velocity Wind Zone codes.

The Regency Shutters System feature the following benefits:

  • Chromium Phosphate coated for longevity and resistance to corrosion
  • Dade County Approved (Most stringent building codes in the nation)
  • Offset Hinge Design
  • Heavy Duty Track
  • Tightest Stack
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Easy Grip Handle
  • Dead Bolt Security Locks

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